Everyone is welcome!

If you are looking for a worship service that reflects CREATIVITY and EXPRESSION OF SPIRIT while providing RELIABILITY and a STRUCTURED LITURGY, you may want to check out St. Margaret's.
Everyone is Welcome!
Service Time

Sundays at 10:30 AM in the Chapel

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Youth Sunday School and Adult Sunday School **Is not meeting at this time**  

About Us

We make acceptance and love of people a priority as we strive to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We know that as Christians we may not think alike and feel alike on every issue, and so tolerance, openness and inclusiveness have developed as part of our community culture. We have become the home for people from every faith community. Professional people as well as artists, retired people as well as teens, feel equally loved and cared for at St. Margaret’s. Come, taste and see what God is doing in our midst. You will be enriched and blessed, and so will we.


St. Margaret’s has grown from twenty members in 1984 to over one hundred. Our members are interested in and involved with many local, diocesan and international mission projects. We are glad you are here and we hope you will join us regularly. Listed below is a little information about St. Margaret of Scotland, after whom our church was named. With considerable zeal, Queen Margaret sought to change what she considered to be old fashioned and careless practices among the Scottish clergy. But, Margaret’s energies were not limited to reformation of formal Church practices. She encouraged the founding of schools, hospitals, and orphanages, and used her influence with King Malcolm to help her improve the quality of life among the isolated Scottish clans. Together, Margaret and her husband rebuilt the monastery of Iona and founded Dunfermline Abbey, under the direction of Benedictine monks.


“The purpose of St. Margaret’s Church and her members is to know Jesus Christ better through prayer, the study of the Bible, the giving and receiving of the Sacraments and in our personal relationships, and, to make Him and His redemptive love known in all the world.”


The mission of St. Margaret’s Church is to joyfully and without hesitation celebrate and embrace God’s Love through worship, fellowship, service and sacrifice.  


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